Slant Six Cam Gear Failure Data Collection: (Please complete and submit if you have any info.)


Date:                    Name:                                           Address:



Phone Number                                               email


Engine Size / Description:   


Level of modification:



Max. RPM “redline” / shift point:


Camshaft Brand (manufacturer)                                           Specs.


Type of timing chain / gears:                                     Manufacturer:


Was a cam stop / cam “button” in use”?                  Rear cam lobe oil return hole?


Oil Pump Type / impeller thickness:(Stock 5/8, Std. Replacement 7/8, High Volume, 1”)

Any special work done to the oil pump?


Any special work done to the engine block’s oiling passageways?


Was the oil pump gear to cam gear contact pattern (“mesh”) checked or adjusted?


Maximum Oil Pressure:                       (Cold)                                               (Hot)


Type and weight of oil:


History of engine. How many runs or miles prior to failure?



How did the failure happen? (start-up,  burn-out,  high rpm,  deceleration,  etc.)



What Damage was done to the engine?


Any comments, ideas or other “clues” you may have:



Send information to:


Bernie Kuschel                                  Or : Seymour Pederson,  Slant Six Racing News

46584 Fairchild                                   Or : Doug Dutra

Macomb,  MI  48042