Doug's Darts .....

Over the years the Dutra family has had a lot of Dodge Darts and other Chrysler cars.

Doug's First Dart Wagon Doug's first car was a 63 Dart 4 - door which quickly gave way to a 63 Dart station wagon. The "wag" (the blue wag) saw a lot of "action" over 14 years of ownership. Unfortunately it was hit and "totaled" in 1990 while parked on the street.

Karin's 64 Dart Doug met Karin through this 64 Dart 170 model. This car was bought new and handed down to Karin by her great aunt. We still have this car and will most likely hand it down to one of our kids. The "Wag" at Mt. Lasson

66 Dart Station Wagon Many Darts have come and gone. We replaced the blue "wag" with a white one and this 66 Dart is all rebuilt and runs strong. This car has see a lot of "road trips"! There is the Gold 65 Dart GT 67 Barracuda Convert. 65 Dart GT Convert. Convertible which is also restored and has been in the family for many years. "Grandpa Dutra" (Al Dutra) has a 66 Dart 270 convert. which he continues to use as a "weekly driver".

Well we can't say that all these Mopars have been Dodge Darts, 68 Barracuda Fastback, "Racecar" Doug also likes Plymouth Barracudas and has restored a few of these good looking cars over the years.A Slant Six Powered 68 Barracuda Fastback, Light 'em up !

He currently has this Barracuda that he races now and then.

Darts and Dutras,... Dutras and Darts, funny how something can become part of the family!