Close-Up Side View Doug's Welding Art . . .



The name is big, this welded sculpture

stands 8 inches high !


Oil Pump impeller legs,

a transmission reverse band lever body

and a chain hook head ,

Front View with ball bearing eyes,

 Don't get in his way !

 The Metal Bird . . . . Side View

The Bird stands over

4 feet tall !



"Re-bar" legs and feet,

Tranny gear body,

foundation bolt neck,

tie-rod end for a head.

Nails, SL6 pushrods and fan blades


Close View make-up the comb, tail and wings.


This guy is one cool bird !


When inspiration hits . . .

 On Rock Bird





Close Bird

















Anything can happen !

All it takes are some scrap parts and a welder.

Tranny drum body, head bolt legs & cam washer feet Tie rod end head, flex plat bolt eyes & spoons for ears



This Puppy was adopted,

just gotta love that smile!






A tranny drum and rocker arms make-up the turtle








There are some big ants around our house so watch your step !

Rocker arms, arm rest screws and nails make the ants








Lot's of other metal bugs too . . .



There are also some "Doodlebugs" around . . .





Another bird landed the other day . . .



Thank for looking !


Contact me if you want some weld art for your yard.


Oh !! . . . Let's not forget about this Guy . . .